Connecting Pastors

with their

Elected Officials

Inspiring the Church to engage Government for the advance of God's Kingdom.

How?  By connecting pastors with their elected officials. This is a pastoral, great commission ministry opportunity.
  • We will help connect pastors, the shepherds of God’s Church, with elected officials, God’s shepherds of government.
  • We will work to have a real, continual presence of pastors meeting and praying with legislators in their home towns and at the capitol.
  • Ultimately, it is our desire to extend this ministry to government officials and to see these two institutions work together to meet the needs of our communities.


Transformation happens as people see Christ accurately and rightly value Him, so Christ and God’s Word is at the center of everything we do.


It is the heart of the Church Ambassador Network to move beyond the surface level and to engage in deeper Christ-centered relationships that lead to changed lives.


God’s grace through Jesus Christ changes everything. In a place where political battles make grace all the rarer, we aim to be motivated by grace.


It is the heart of the Church Ambassador Network to build partnerships between churches and between the church and government to serve people and bring Christ glory.


Christ does not fit into any political ideology. His Kingdom is an eternal kingdom not of this world. As His ambassadors, it is important that we keep that independent voice.